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Frequently Asked Questions / Service

Return & Exchange Policy:

All sales are final. Due to the limited nature of many of our products, returns are not accepted. Please be sure to verify your address information prior to placing your order. If a defective product is received a warranty replacement may be provided.

Store Hours:

Emails and general correspondence is replied to M-F. 


Please allow up to 5 days for general order processing. Any products marked as pre-sale or pre-order specify the manufacturing time-frame in their product descriptions. These times are subject to change.

Generally, shipping within the United States will take 3-5 days from shipping confirmation.

International parcels generally deliver in 1-3 weeks. Please keep in mind there are delays due to the current global pandemic and there are no guaranteed international shipping windows. 


Product Drops/Limited Items:

Product drops are announced via social media and email. Limited Edition items are marked as such and are not recreated or reproduced once sold out.

@outxlove on Instagram
@outxlove on TikTok




Due to being a small business sponsorship opportunities are limited. We have a small sponsorship program that can be applied for at


Warranty/Defective Product:

If you have a product you believe to be defective please contact  us directly for troubleshooting. If the issue is Waifu Prison! related you can also reference our help guide at


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